International Expedition to Huantsan 2018 (Part I)

Frank Borman, best remembered as the commander of Apollo 8, had famously said, “exploration is really the essence of human spirit”. Like in all aspects of our everyday lives, in mountaineering too, a handful of alpinists prefer to explore the relatively less known climbing objectives across the globe and keep the essence of the human spirit alive. Alberto Peruffo (Italy) is one such alpinist.

Alberto has been leading and organizing mountaineering expeditions to remote and unexplored corners of the globe for the last decade. But his expeditions have always been a bit more than just about climbing an aesthetic line up an unclimbed face, but bringing people and cultures together. Keeping that tradition going, this year he is all set for an expedition to a relatively less climbed and considerably difficult objective in the Cordillera Blanca of the Peruvian Andes.

In July 2018, an international team under Alberto Peruffo’s leadership will attempt to climb the very beautiful and difficult Nevado Huantsan (6395m). The team will unite in the village of Marcarà (slightly outside Huaraz) on June 30, 2018 and make final preparations of the expedition.

Four very prestigious organizations are involved in this expedition by default of membership: Club Alpino Italiano, Università della Tuscia di Viterbo, Guias Don Bosco 6000 and The Himalayan Club. Alberto is in close contact with the Harvard Mountaineering Club of the prestigious Academy (1979 American Expedition) and with the 1972 Italian Expedition led by dr. Alessandro Lioti, team that had among the protagonists Casimiro Ferrari and Gigi Alippi, two of the greatest Italian climbers of the time.

Here is a list of the team members:

Alberto Peruffo (Leader, ITALY), Cesar Rosales (PERU), Pietro Contalbrigo (ITALY), Federico Moro (ITALY), Fredi Cruz Lumbe (PERU), Francesco Vascellari (ITALY), Enrico Ferri (ITALY), Anindya Mukherjee (INDIA),Malu Espinoza (PERU) and a few other friends from Bolivia.

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