International Expedition to Huantsan 2018 (Part II)

2 July, 2018

On 30th June, 2018, Alberto Peruffo (leader), Enrico Ferri, Francesco Vascellari, Frederico Moro, Pietro Contalbrigo arrived at the parish church of Marcara from Italy.

Next morning, the whole team went to Huaraz for shopping of expedition’s ration and other essentials. Anindya Mukherjee joined the team here.

The rest of 1st July was spent packing, organising logistics, studying map and photos of Huantsan. In between these activities, the team found time to have a traditional lunch of Pachamanca together.

After lunch the team again busied themselves with Cesar Rosales in planning and organisation. Edwin and Fredi also join the team as base-camp cook and helper.

Left to right: Fredi Cruz Lumbe, Enrico Ferri , Federico Moro, Pietro Contalbrigo, Edwin, Alberto Peruffo, Anindya, Cesar Rosales, Francesco Vascellari

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