Contribution Guidelines

Dear Contributor,

Welcome to our web magazine-Reccemag!

Someone once said that the universe is not made of atoms. It is made of tiny stories. Well, we love stories- sometimes especially the tiny ones. So whether you have been to Italy or Entally, and have had an adventure ages ago or just yesterday, we are interested to hear and share that story here in the pages of Reccemag.

We’re certainly unprejudiced on subject and style as long as your story stands previously unpublished and has something to do with travel, adventure, nature, people and culture.

Our feature stories generally should span within 600 to 800 words and have a strong photographic component. We would occasionally like to run a particularly powerful prose by itself, without photos, perhaps often with an illustration. We’re also interested in writings that give deep insight into places or people who explore, travel, and climb. Humorous or unusual tales are especially welcome. We do have a great interest in photo-essays and also have a section dedicated to regular updates from expeditions- as journal entries from either one of our members, or our friends spread across the globe.

To submit, e-mail your story or your query to If we are interested, we’ll get back to you.

Thank you for your interest and support of Reccemag.