About Us

Reccemag-To Earth, with Love


We are in love.

Yes, just like in the lyrics of that Savage Garden song, we are truly, madly, deeply in love.

No matter where we are and how we are, just to be able to wake up every day and listen to the birds sing while putting the kettle on, is awesome. And if you do not agree with the kettle part, the love still is real- just as the sunshine that makes our day. It is such a joy to be alive and be a witness, to life and the living, on our planet!

The world to us is like the life to a child, a great unanswered question unfolding each and every day. For this precise reason, as an ideal, we at Reccemag would like to love the earth just like the child. Like the child, through Reccemag (which in fact is a newborn), with our limited scope and ability, we will strive to cultivate and nurture the following childlike qualities– an infectious positivism, a lack of cynicism, an openness and acceptance of others as they are.

We believe that, once lived, this love translates into pure joy of living; and this joie de vivre increases manifold when we travel, meet new people and make new friends. In Reccemag, we will publish and share stories from our friends (‘already friends’ to ‘would be friends’) from across the globe. There will be stories of their love, passion, adventure and stories that reflect rambling thoughts on our lives and our dear earth. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

For we know, that like us, you are in love with the Earth too.

And if you have read up to this, let us invite you to write to us, send us your criticisms and comments so that we can keep Reccemag entirely reader-driven.